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Engaging a contract development and manufacturing partner can be vastly beneficial for an organization. Numerous benefits aside, picking the right CDMO can make or break a project.

Factors to consider when deciding on the best CDMO for your organization:

Industry Experience: The Medical Device Industry is one of the most complex and competitive industries. Each sector faces its own set of obstacles such as technical, logistical, and regulatory requirements. Finding a CDMO that specializes in your industry and unique product, as well as establishing whether their expertise, credentials, and skills can adequately satisfy your demands, is an important aspect of the decision process.


Manufacturing Capabilities: Your perfect match will have competence in a wide range of contract manufacturing skills, including design, development, and manufacturing, as well as a global presence to assure a reliable supply of materials. This comprises, among other things, formulation research, converting & assembling printing, packaging, sterilizing, and logistics.


Research and Development: The research and development stage of a product often includes the formulation of conceptual prototypes, testing, and reworks where necessary. An ideal CDMO partner should work with clients to create optimized product designs that meet the needs of end users.




Engineering and Development Expertise: The partner should have a seasoned team with a proven track record in developing high-quality medical devices – managing projects from inception through to market delivery.


Regulatory Expertise: Regulations around the production of medical devices are growing increasingly complex, controlling everything from inception to market release. These activities must be entirely compliant from start to finish. To create and deliver specific solutions and bring them to market, medical device CDMOs must have a thorough awareness of and expertise with worldwide regulatory difficulties (FDA, CE, EU) and quality requirements (ISO certifications).


Risk Management: Medical device OEMs place a premium on product quality. Quality issues can have serious consequences, as the failure of these systems can endanger lives. Furthermore, while business continuity has always been important, recent events such as the COVID-19 epidemic have brought it to the forefront as supply networks around the world have been affected, resulting in various material and product shortages.


Proficient Communication:  Ultimately, for the collaboration to be successful, the OEM and CDMO must have mutual trust. To guarantee the most efficient collaboration, each side should be aware of the capabilities and expertise of the other. The OEM should explicitly convey the product’s unique details as well as any specific needs the organization has. Relevant information should be provided early and throughout the process to allow the strategic partner to discover the most efficient way to generate high-quality, compliance products throughout the development cycle.




Alliance BioMed is the partner of choice for one-stop in-vitro diagnostics manufacturing services. Our wealth of experience in IVD contract manufacturing and deep network of materials suppliers allows our partners to have peace of mind in this tumultuous manufacturing landscape. Alliance BioMed is equipped with dedicated ISO 13485 certified manufacturing and testing facilities, automated solutions for high efficiency and accuracy, along with an experienced regulatory team.


For more information, reach out to us at contact@alliance-biomed.com.